by Jenna and Bodhi Elfman

A filmed video podcast (or audio only, up to you!) about marriage, life and annoyance.

Not  in that order.

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#79 "The Secret to Men (sex)”

Watch Bodhi loose his s**t as Jenna tells the worst and most uncomfortable story of all time. Thank goodness his BFF is there to help.       

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ABOUT JEnna and bodhi


Jenna and Bodhi Elfman met in 1991 at a Sprite commercial audition. They’ve been in love ever since. They’ve been annoying each other ever since.

They now have a Vodcast (videoed podcast) called Kicking and Screaming that explores and laughs at every aspect of relationships. The love. The sex. The annoyance. Not necessarily in that order.

With new episodes regularly and sometimes a special guest, you can tuck the kids into bed and watch this honest, crass and hilarious look at a long term marriage that doesn’t take it all too seriously.




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