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#56 "Yo Momma!"

Bodhi’s iconoclastic mom stops by, teams up with Jenna and discusses feeding his placenta to the dog. Moms are awesome!!!"

#55 "Everyone's an A**hole!"

Jenna and Bodhi go off on A**hole kids spawned by A**hole parents, creating a world of A**holes. It's not pretty.

#54 "Steady As She Goes"

Marriage axiom: Only one person in a relationship can go crazy at a time. So Bodhi better get his shit together, ’cause Jenna went a little wonky this week.

#53 "One More Sex"

The art of trying to get sex from your wife requires years of training and patience. Bodhi has neither. 

#52 "Run, Jenna, Run"

Jenna and Bodhi go to Hawaii for some special time together. They saved all their fights for the flight back home. Divorce attorneys are standing by. 


Jenna talks about her recent flight with the two little ones where everything went to hell. Airport pooping. Almost missing the flight. Security arguments and then being publicly judged as a parent during her ordeal. Drama, Drama. 

#50 "The Little Elfs"

It’s the BIG 50th episode of Kicking and Screaming! The little Elf-men drop by to make trouble. 

#49 "Marriage is Annoying"

Jenna tries to teach Bodhi how to be a better human and a better husband. Bodhi doesn't understand. Whatever. Marriage is annoying. 

#48 "Kevin Nealon Kicks and Screams!"

Jenna and Bodhi have Kevin Nealon stop by to straighten their sorry asses out. It was a noble effort. 

#47 "Marriage Aftermath"

Kicking and Screaming has been dishing out some heavy podcasts lately, so Jenna brought her BFF Nikka Costa to lighten things up. They discuss furry vageens and harass Bodhi... As you do.

#46 "The Sequel"

Bodhi is in a funk. Jenna mentions divorce a few too many times. Yup, marriage is so much fun. Everyone should try it at least once.

#45 "S**t Gets REAL."

Bodhi and Jenna get into some real marriage s**t. But like, for sure.

#44 "Mathematics of Sex"

Jenna and Bodhi have special guest Erinn Hayes on their podcast. Erinn challenges Bodhi's entire theory of weekly marriage sex mathematics. This could be the end of a good thing. 

#43 "Happy Anniversary! (Jenna Forgot)"

Jenna and Bodhi had their 26th year anniversary. Jenna forgot. Bodhi goes to the dark place.

#42 "Balls are a New Frontier"

Jenna and Bodhi have the wonderful Nikka Costa on the show to discuss balls, vaginal muscles and why girls really go to spin class... 

#41 "Elfman Origins"

Jenna decides inviting Bodhi's mom and dad onto the podcast would be amazing.  Also, they have a big fight and want you to take sides. It's safe to say you'll never see anything like this...

#40 "Bodhi Did a Bad Bad Thin

Marriages are made up of know-it-all assholes and secret spies. At least this one is. Unrelated, the Elfmans wonder why they don't get invited out a lot.

#39 "Emotional Jazz"

Jenna and Bodhi are so turnt. They are just turnt AF.  The Elfmans go deep as they call each other out on their b******t. Marriage can be f'd up.  

#38 "You're Super!"

The Elfmans are super... but not in a good way. Jenna causes an uproar on a plane by staring at weenies.    

#37 "How Do I look?, AKA Vomit Dog"  

Marriage is a science. Bodhi is an idiot. Jenna saves her dog's life. This is the last Kicking and Screaming podcast of 2015.

#36 "High Maintenance Elfmans"

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A big fight. A lot of drama. The Elfmans get into it. High Maintenance. 


Jenna destroys Bodhi. In lieu of flowers please send Bodhi a less observant wife. 

#34 Hear Jenna Roar"

#27 "Hair and Birthdays Suck!"

Jenna is crazy about her hair. Bodhi is crazy.

#26 "Reasons to Stay Married?"

Jenna and Bodhi Elfman will stay married forever... or at least until their kids move out.

#25 "Sex Ruins Everything"

Jenna and Bodhi decide to talk about sex. Bodhi swears it off forever. Jenna agrees.

#24 "Castration!"

Jenna castrates Bodhi. Mariage is not for the faint of heart. 

#23 "Worst Ending Ever, AKA Splat!"

Jenna and Bodhi discover how much fun a "50 Shades of Whitetrash" version would be. Jenna ends the podcast in the worst way ever concieved. It's truly horrible. 


#22 "Fifty Shades of Elfman"

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#03 "Ear-Holes and Birthdays"

Jenna and Bodhi discuss Jenna's abnormally small ear-holes. Bodhi realizes that Jenna is always f*****g right, as usual...


#02 "The Honeymoon"

Jenna and Bodhi recount their honeymoon. Bodhi insults the French while Jenna insults Bodhi...

#01 "It All Begins!"

Jenna and Bodhi Elfman discuss how they met and the origins of annoyance...